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The Euroscicon is welcoming for Gathering on Sports and Fitness Expo 2019 on March 11 - 12, 2019, Amsterdam , Netherlands. The purpose of the rhythmic movement year's get-together is Revive Your Soul with Sports and Fitness which will give a general stage to talk about present and the destiny of Sports and Fitness. The growth of two submitted streams for the EuroSciCon Meeting on Sports and Fitness 2019 party will be a hit, we could get picking up from two specific social gathering one that beat needs in the contemplate and assembling end and one that outflanked needs in the business and key end. The 2019 establishment of this social affair will engage us to keep diving further into both the examination of Sports and Fitness change and the business necessities for affiliations.

The Arranging Council is satisfied to welcome you to go to the EuroSciCon Meeting on Sports and Fitness, and its related field of parties to be held in the midst of on March 11 - 12, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. EuroSciCon Meeting on Sports and Fitness joins scientists, pros and CROs from around the world. The point of view of this gathering is to propel the exponential difference in our Fitness over a coming couple of years. Diverse perilous things are affecting Fitness and likewise, the organization is required with the objective that our future age could be solid and fit.

At Sports and Fitness 2019 meet your orchestrated intrigue packs from around the world focused on finding a couple of arrangements concerning Sports and Fitness organization. This party would be your single most clear opportunity to accomplish the best collection of individuals the world over a get-together to talk on a basic stress of this period.

Why to Attend?

Join your associates far and wide focused on finding a couple of arrangements concerning Sports and Fitness related advances, which is your single most apparent opportunity to accomplish the best gathering of individuals from the Sports and Fitness social orders, mastermind shows up, scatter information, meet with rehashing case and potential bosses, make a sprinkle with new research works, and get name accreditation at this Two-day event. Extensively acclaimed speakers, the most recent research, moves, and the most vitality restoration in Sports and Fitness are indications of this party. The game plan of information on new advances realized in the field of Games and Wellness and a sound learning on Sports Medicine and Science will give coordinated effort the world's extraordinary Educators, Presidents.

Benefits to attend Sports and Fitness Expo 2019:

a) Keynote acquaintance close by associations with energize built up analysts.

b) Workshop and symposiums to achieve the best bunch of people from the Sports Science society.

c) A wide track of exhibitors to show off the new and rising headways..

d) Connections to the political advancing resources recollecting a definitive target to extend your business and looks into.

e) Triumph of Honors, Endorsements sees your feeling of obligation with respect to your calling to enable the nascent research.

Sports and Fitness Expo 2019 Benefits:

  • Open board trades: Furnishing an open social occasion with masters from the insightful world and business to discuss on current challenges in Sports and Fitness, where all members can work together with the board took after by a question and answer session.

  • Speaker and notice presentations: Giving a phase to all academicians and industry specialists to share their investigation thoughts and disclosures through a talk or a production presentation.

  • Article official social event: Examining on improvement and headway of administration procedures for Sports and Fitness. Open access to Global Diaries and enrolling board people and investigators who can support the journal.

  • Roundtable social occasions: Giving a phase where industry specialists meet academic experts.

Business and Exhibitor Benefits:

More than 50+ associations and global structures will display at the EuroSciCon Sports and Fitness Expo 2019. Exhibitors will incorporate hardware producers and providers, frameworks suppliers, back and venture firms, Research and development Organizations, venture designers, exchange affiliations, and government offices.

Notwithstanding the items and administrations, you will approach significant substance, including Keynote Introductions, Item Shows and Instructive Sessions from the present business pioneers.

The EuroSciCon Sports and Fitness Expo 2019 have all that you require, all under one rooftop, sparing you both time and cash. It is the occasion you can't stand to miss!

Target Audience:

  • Executives, CEO's of Organizations

  • Business Development Managers

  • Boss Scientific Officers

  • Research and development Researchers from Sports and Fitness Industries.

  • Educators, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors

  • Ph.D. Scholars

  • Patent Attorneys

  • Protected innovation Attorneys

  • Speculation Analysts

  • Affiliation, Association presidents, and experts

  • Clinical Nutritionists

  • Registered Dieticians

  • Universities and Colleges Students

  • Nutrition and Dietetics Associate

  • Business Entrepreneurs

  • Sports Nutritionist

  • Fitness Trainer

  •  Professors, Nutrition Doctors

  •  Nutrition Associations

  • Nutrition Consulting firms

  • Healthcare Recruiting Agencies

  •  Nutrition Economists

  •  Social Workers

  •  Direct Nutrition Provider

About Venue:

Amsterdam is the capital and most crowded district of the Netherlands. Its status as the capital is commanded by the Constitution of the Netherlands, although it isn't the seat of the administration, which is The Hague. Amsterdam has a populace of 851,373 inside the city appropriate, 1,351,587 in the urban region, and 2,410,960 in the Amsterdam metropolitan zone. The city is situated in the region of North Holland in the west of the nation yet isn't its capital, which is Haarlem. The metropolitan zone contains a great part of the northern piece of the Randstad, one of the bigger conurbations in Europe, with a populace of around 8 million.

Amsterdam's name gets from Amstelredamme, characteristic of the city's birthplace around a dam in the waterway Amstel. Starting as a little angling town in the late twelfth century, Amsterdam wound up a standout amongst the most vital ports on the planet amid the Dutch Brilliant Age (seventeenth century), a consequence of its inventive improvements in exchange. Amid that time, the city was the main community for fund and precious stones. In the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years the city extended, and numerous new neighbourhoods and rural areas were arranged and constructed. The seventeenth century trenches of Amsterdam and the 19– twentieth century Guard Line of Amsterdam are on the UNESCO World Legacy Rundown. Since the extension of the district of Sloten in 1921 by the region of Amsterdam, the most seasoned memorable piece of the city lies in Sloten (ninth century).






Tracks and Subtracks

Track: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Non-intrusive treatment or physiotherapy goes for giving alleviation to  patients experiencing bone and joint illnesses by advancing versatility. Mediations utilized as a part of physiotherapy include both physical and mechanical modalities in blend with physical activities. Via deliberately following experimentally demonstrated methods in a methodical request, the physiotherapist enhances the versatility of the organs in living with physical diseases like polio, loss of motion, pre and post Orthopedic medical procedures and breaks.


  • Different methods used
  • Health benefits
  • Care and precautions
  • Equipments used

Track Sports Medicine and Science

Games Science is a teach that reviews how the solid human body functions amid exercise, and how sport and physical movement elevate wellbeing from cell to entire body points of view. Physical action is a basic piece of a being sound. The U.S. Branch of Health and Human Services (HHS) Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (PAG) prescribes that grown-ups get no less than 2½ long stretches of modestly to enthusiastically extreme physical action every week..


  • Basics of Sports Science
  • Sports and Age
  • Sports and Gender
  • Sports Medicine Practice
  • Physiology
  • Epidemiology

Track: Physical Education Fitness

Physical Education and physical action is a fundamental piece of a being solid. Games can give a major lift to the measure of physical action in your life. Scholarly games and physical preparing: The investment in composed games offers the shot for youth individuals to upgrade their physical and social abilities. Physical preparing in youngsters High quality physical instruction can urge youngsters to create learning, comprehension and abilities over a scope of physical training, game and wellbeing – upgrading encounters


  • Impotance of Physical Education
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Cancer prevention
  • Inflammation
  • Immune system
  • Basics of Physical Health

Track: Orthopedic Sports Medicines

Orthopedic Sports Medicine is a subspecialty of orthopedic medication and games pharmaceutical. Orthopedic games drug is the examination, protection, and reclamation by therapeutic, careful, and rehabilitative intends to all structures of the musculoskeletal framework influenced by athletic action. Games wounds are wounds that happen when playing games or practicing and some are from of mischances.


  • Different types of surgeries
  • Treatment option
  • Surgical and Non-surgical methods
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Equipment used

Track: Nutrition, Diet and Hydration in Sports

Nourishment is the science that translates the communication of supplements and different substances in sustenance in connection to upkeep, development, generation, wellbeing and malady of a creature. It incorporates nourishment consumption, retention, absorption, biosynthesis, catabolism and discharge. In people, an undesirable eating routine can cause lack related maladies, for example, visual impairment , iron deficiency, scurvy, preterm birth, stillbirth and cretinism.


  • Types and need of nutrition.
  • Nutrition deficiency
  •  Nutrition and performance
  • Foods for fuel and exercise

Track: Sports Injuries, Treatment and Management

Games wounds are wounds that happen while taking part in games or exercise. Games wounds can happen because of overtraining, absence of molding, and uncalled for frame or system. Neglecting to warm up expands the danger of games wounds. Wounds, strains, sprains, tears, and broken bones can come about because of games wounds. Delicate tissues like muscles, tendons, ligaments, belt, and bursae might be influenced. Horrible cerebrum damage (TBI) is another potential kind of games damage.


  • Severity of injuries
  • Types of physical injuries
  • On spot management
  • Different treatment methods

Track: Sports Dentistry

The FDI World Dental Federation characterizes this subdivision of dentistry as "the branch of games medication managing anticipation and treatment of dental wounds and oral sicknesses related with games and exercise." Injuries are, lamentably, typical in sports. Sprained lower legs, torn tendons, blackouts and broken bones are the absolute most normal and furthermore the ones that first ring a bell of competitors and fans.


Track: Sports Marketing and Media

Games Marketing is a developing division of the promoting field that spotlights on the matter of games and the utilization of games as a showcasing apparatus. Games showcasing experts appreciate a wide assortment of work openings, incorporating positions with colleges, organizations, media outlets, brandishing hardware producers, retailers and advertising offices. Schools offering Education - Sports Management degrees can likewise be found in these prevalent decisions.


  • Consequences of sports with  media
  • Importance if Media in sports
  • Marketing as a tools for sports promotion
  • Sports Business Models
  • Sports Events and Entertainment

Track:  Sports Psychology and Athlete Counselling

Game brain research implies applying parts of brain science to games and competitors. One of the primary ways that games clinicians utilize is to enable competitors to meet their objectives. The fundamental gathering of individuals that games analysts attempt to help are proficient competitors. They can help non-proficient competitors too. Games therapists predominantly center around issues the competitor has on the field however they can likewise assist competitors with issues that they have off the field. Games brain science did not turn into a perceived territory of concentrate as of not long ago, yet it has been utilized as a part of the past.


  • Importance of  Sports Psychology
  • Counselling
  • Management of performance
  • Sports situations

Track: Occupational Therapy

Word related treatment (OT) is the utilization of appraisal and intercession to create, recuperate, or keep up the important exercises, or occupations, of people, gatherings, or networks. It is a partnered wellbeing calling performed by word related specialists. OTs frequently work with individuals with  psychological wellness issues, inabilities, wounds, or hindrances


  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Audiology
  • Nursing
  • Social Work

Track: Kinesiology and Physical Activities

Kinesiology is the art of human development, applying the most recent confirm based research to enhance capacity, wellbeing and health of individuals in all settings and populaces. Exercise science and kinesiology are two firmly related fields of study, frequently utilized conversely with each other. These sciences are worried about the human body and parts of its developments. Exercise science centers around the impacts physical movement has on the human body.


  • Health benefits
  • Types and methods
  • Equipments and instruments used
  • Techniques and Methods

Track: Exercise Physiology and Metabolism

Working of the body amid practice The body reaction to the activity such that there's the red face and the perspiring, the beating heart and pumping lungs, the lift to your readiness and inclination, the beforehand non-existent desires to discuss only parts and laps and PBs, Muscle Stretching Workshops. Part of hormones in strong development and wellness hormones assume a fundamental part for the improvement of the body estimate shape and quality. GH, or the development hormone is well keeping up an ideal proportion of fit muscle tissue to muscle versus fat


  • Body functions during physical activities
  • Body mass development
  • Response during endurance
  • Factors affecting physical health

Track: Computer Science Involved in Sport Science

Electronic games (otherwise called eSports, e-sports is a term for sorted out multiplayer computer game rivalries. The most well-known computer game classes related with electronic games are ongoing technique, battling, first-individual shooter, and multiplayer online fight field. Competitions, for example, the League of Legends World Championship, The expanding accessibility of online video gushing stages, especially, has turned out to be integral to momentum eSports rivalries Sports instrument hardware examine With the advancement of the cutting edge science and innovation, new and high innovation and the electronic instrument and gear has been broadly utilized as a part of the arbitrator work of the extensive scale olympic style events matches. Numerous games instrument and gear explores are continuing for the change of the execution


  • Sports instrument equipment research
  • Sports statistics and analyses
  • Computer aided physical education
  • Electronic sports
  • Sports apparel and leisure products  R & D

Track: Natural or Herbal Medicine for Sport

Plant solution and plant separates in osteoarthritis Limitations in the customary medicinal administration of osteoarthritis show a genuine requirement for protected and viable treatment of osteoarthritis patients. Natural pharmaceuticals may give an answer for this issue. Home grown meds may treat these conditions viably. Verifiably, individuals have utilized home grown drugs to avoid sickness, cure contamination, calm fever, and mend wounds. Home grown pharmaceuticals can likewise treat obstruction, ease torment, or go about as relaxants or stimulants. Research on a few herbs and plant items has demonstrated that they may have a portion of similar impacts that regular medications do, while others may have no impact or might be destructive. Scientists have examined some regular items and have observed them to be helpful. Omega-3 unsaturated fats, for instance, may help bring down triglyceride levels. These prescription and diseases are helpful in the medicines of numerous orthopedic and games wounds.


  • Efficacy of plant medicine
  •  Plant extracts in osteoarthritis
  • Chinese herbal medicines for osteoporosis
  • Iranian herbal drug therapies

Track: Fitness Management and Communication

Expanded use of wellness offices in the interest of people. Practicing and "working out" has turned into a more standard movement in American's lives throughout the most recent decade. Five to ten years prior there were far reaching reports around a blocking wellbeing emergency, stoutness. Americans, in respect to their Western European partners have higher episodes of weight. To an extensive degree, this is related to American's undesirable eating regimen of junk food, and by and large poor sustenance decisions, particularly seared nourishments.


  • Stress Management
  • Sports Injury Management and Exercise Therapy
  • Depression and Anxiety Disease Management

Track: Nutrition and Fitness of All Ages

Great counting calories isn't about strict dietary points of confinement, remaining irrationally thin, or preventing yourself from claiming the sustenance's you value. Perhaps, it's tied in with feeling unprecedented, having greater essentialness, upgrading your angle, and offsetting your tendency. If you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting sustenance and eating regimen appeal out there, you're not alone. It gives the idea that for each ace who tells you as a specific sustenance is gainful for ,you will find another  colloquialism absolutely the opposite.


  • Healthy Diet and Proper Nutrition Tips
  • Common Nutritional Supplement Misconceptions
  • Iron Deficiency and the Right Food to Overcome it
  • Eating Right During Menopause
  • Fat Burning Foods

Track: Doping and Anti-Doping Study

The World Anti-Doping Agency's(WADA) Prohibited List is the extensive record filling in as the global standard for recognizing substances and strategies precluded in sport. Utilization of anabolic steroids and its effect on wellbeing Anabolic steroids" is the natural name for engineered variations of the male sex hormone testosterone. Anabolic steroids can be lawfully endorsed to treat conditions coming about because of steroid hormone lack, for example, deferred pubescence, and in addition illnesses that outcome in loss of slender bulk, for example, growth and AIDS. In any case, a few competitors, weight lifters, and others mishandle these medications trying to upgrade execution and additionally enhance their physical appearance.


  • Doping and anti-doping policy in sport
  • Investigations and trafficking
  • Doping and anti-doping rules of different countries
  • List of banned substances in sports
  • World anti-doping agency (WADA) guidelines

Track: Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition is sustenance of patients in social insurance. Clinical in this sense recommends the association of patients, including outpatients at centers, (and fundamentally) inpatients in authority's workplaces. It consolidates basically the authentic fields of help and dietetics. It intends to keep a sound vitality change in patients, and giving adequate wholes particular supplements, for example, protein, vitamins, minerals.


  • Farm environment
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Enteral or parenteral route - Strategy
  • Considerations during intensive care

Track : Sports Nutrition

From the competitors' perspective, there is nourishment identified with exercises and occasions, and general sustenance. Nourishment identified with exercises and occasions alludes to sustenance previously, amid, and after exercises and occasions. It is about pre work out, amid exercise, and post-practice sustenance. It is for the most part about liquids and starch calories. It is a little about sodium. Obviously, caloric blend and quality, vitamins, minerals, and different supplements have vital parts to play when all is said in done or general nourishment. There are a few noteworthy motivations to consider cooperations between muscle protein collaboration amid and after exercise and sustenance.


  • Exercise, Nutrition and Health
  • Amino Acid Metabolism in Exercise
  • Eating Disorders in Athletes
  • Nutrition, Neurotransmitters and Central Nervous System Fatigue
  • The Overweight Athlete

Track : Diet in Obesity and Underweight

Weight is a developing concern in light of the fact that being overweight is generally viewed as a noteworthy hazard factor for metabolic disorder, cardiovascular infection, and unexpected passing. Despite the fact that the components for this weight pick up have not been completely clarified, dietary elements might be imperative in the advancement of corpulence. Eating routine comprises of blends of nourishments, and these individual segments may have intelligent or synergistic impacts that make examining dietary factors in disconnection troublesome.


  • Obesity and its Treatment
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Dietary Modification and Exercise Pattern
  • Underweight and its treatment

Track : Current Research in Nutrition and Dietetics

The basic sustenance criteria are not planned as an all around pertinent framework. The selection of classifications was propelled by the need to adjust the requirement for straightforwardness and reliable treatment of comparable items from one viewpoint and, on the other, the need to stay away from classifications so expansive that exclusive careless sustenance criteria would oblige a wide range of items spoke to in a classification. Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee both heartiness and reasonableness, it was important to make sub-classifications inside a large portion of the nine classes.

Nourishment marking is data found on the names of pre-bundled sustenances.

The enacted data incorporates:

•           The Nutrition Facts table

•           The fixing list

•           Some discretionary sustenance claims

These give you data about the nourishing estimation of a sustenance. You can utilize this data to settle on more beneficial nourishment decisions and accomplish general great wellbeing.







Track : Vitaminology and Lipidology

Vitamins are natural constituents in sustenance that are required in follows sums for advancement and for maintaining great wellbeing. The vitamins involve vitamin E k, vitamin D, vitamin K, vitamin An, and folate, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, thiamin,niacin, pantothenic corrosive, riboflavin, and vitamin C. Vitamins are basic in the sustenance in essentially minute sums, in uniqueness to the vitality constituents of the eating routine. The vitality constituents of the eating routine are sugars, fats, starches, these happen in similarly tremendous amounts in the eating regimen. Most extreme of the vitamins are entirely related with a predictable vitamin inadequacy sickness. Vitamin D, eficiency pointers to ailments of the bones for example osteoporosis. Vitamin E deficiency happens solitary rarely, and prompts nerve harm. Vitamin A deficiency is shared through the sub-par segments of the world, and reasons night visual impairment



Track : Nutraceuticals and Medicinal Food


The Nutraceuticals are an un-harmful nourishment highlight that has in fact perceived prosperity utilizes, together with malady solution or avoidance." including illness treatment or counteractive action." The reasonable part of the suppers must be institutionalized in the nutraceutical item and created underneath incredible assembling hones (GMPs). Probiotic dinners and refreshments are dim chocolate includes probiotics and cancer prevention agents to safeguard your stomach restorative and your sweet tooth fulfilled and a standard Korean side dish, kimchi is matured and cured cabbage that can be exceptionally zesty. Brimming with supplements, calcium, and probiotics it's an incredible and hot procedure to keep sound and what's more soy normally incorporates some probiotic focal points, however new soy drain items accessible available have conveyed extra live societies.


Track : Nutrition and Public Health

In the field of prescription, clinicians cure maladies and wounds one patient one time. Be that as it may, in general wellbeing, the sickness anticipation and damage. General wellbeing instructors, professionals and specialists exertion with gatherings and individuals. They perceive the reasons of sickness and inadequacy. They instrument more extensive scale arrangements.


Track : Malnutrition or Nutrition Deficiency

Hunger is a condition of nourishment in which an inadequacy or abundance (or unevenness) of vitality, protein and different supplements causes quantifiable unfavorable consequences for tissue/body frame (body shape, size and structure) and work and clinical result. The term ailing health includes stoutness; anyway BAPEN is focussed on the issue of "under sustenance". Lack of healthy sustenance can regularly be extremely hard to perceive, especially in patients who are overweight or large to begin with. Lack of healthy sustenance can happen step by step, which can make it extremely hard to spot in the beginning times.


  • Types and syndromes
  • Prevalence of malnutrition
  • Nutritional deficiency diagnosis
  • Effectiveness of interventions
  • Malnutrition and long term problems


Track : Nutrition and Immunology

Dietary Immunology designed for working out how sustenance design and nourishing clarifications affect the insusceptible reactions, in this way directing wellbeing and infection impacts. Past providing most critical supplements, nourishment design can effectively affect the safe technique. Normally occurring mixes like linoleic corrosive, abscisic corrosive, polyunsaturated unsaturated fats, resveratrol, curcumin, limonin, eat less carbs E, sustenance An, and abstain from food D adjust resistant reactions. Eating regimen plays out a most vital part in the remodel of prosperity and the pharmaceutical of confusion. Ordinary ascending of dietary immunology is since of the destructive result of lack of healthy sustenance on the invulnerable approach. Wholesome insufficiency or uneven eating routine bargains the invulnerable reaction prompting quickened weakness to irresistible afflictions, melanoma, imperfect reaction to inoculations, and other immunological issues.


  • Immune system boosters
  • Enhancing immunity by dietary consumption 
  • Oats and Barley consumption
  • Fortified Cereals, Mushrooms and Herbal tea


Track : Nutrition and Diabetes

Nourishment is a basic piece of diabetes mind. Adjusting the appropriate measure of starches, fat, protein alongside fiber, vitamins and minerals encourages us to keep up a sound eating regimen and a solid way of life. Getting the adjust right can assist the body with staying in prime condition, yet what is the correct adjust of supplements? Individuals have been contending over the perfect blend for ages and the talk still furies today. For individuals with diabetes, there is no less than one additional thought for our nourishing needs and that is the subject of how our glucose levels will react to various weight control plans.


Track : Nutrition and Health

Wholesome science is the examination of how a life form is sustained, and consolidates the investigation of how sustenance influences individual wellbeing, populace wellbeing, and planetary wellbeing. Dietary science covers a wide range of controls. Accordingly, wholesome researchers can represent considerable authority specifically parts of nourishment, for example, science, physiology, immunology, organic chemistry, instruction, brain science, supportability, and humanism. In 1946, the World Health Organization (WHO) characterized wellbeing as "a condition of finish physical, mental, and social prosperity, and not simply the nonappearance of ailment or ailment." The sustenances we eat contain supplements. Supplements are substances required by the body to play out its fundamental capacities. Supplements must be acquired from eat less, since the human body does not combine them.


Track : Paediatric  Nutrition

In the course of recent decades, the frequency of atopic sicknesses, for example, asthma, atopic dermatitis, and sustenance sensitivities has expanded significantly. Among youngsters up to 4 years old, the rate of asthma has expanded 160%, and the occurrence of atopic dermatitis has expanded twofold to triple. The rate of shelled nut hypersensitivity has additionally multiplied in the previous decade. Along these lines, atopic illnesses progressively are an issue for clinicians who give social insurance to kids. It has been perceived that early youth occasions, including diet, are probably going to be essential in the advancement of both adolescence and grown-up ailments. This clinical report will survey the nourishing alternatives amid pregnancy, lactation, and the main year of life that might possibly influence the improvement of atopic illness. Despite the fact that atopic illnesses have a reasonable hereditary premise, ecological elements, including early newborn child sustenance, may have an imperative effect on their improvement and, in this manner, display a chance to avert or defer the beginning of the malady.


  • Recommended nutrient intakes
  • Energy and macronutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals other than iron, Control of iron deficiency
  • Breastfeeding and alternative

Track : Nutrition and Nursing

Legitimate sustenance assumes a major part in malady anticipation, recuperation from disease and on-going great wellbeing. A solid eating regimen will enable you to look and feel great also. Since medical attendants are the principle purpose of contact with patients, they should comprehend the significance of sustenance rudiments and have the capacity to clarify the actualities about sound nourishment decisions to their patients. Sustenance classes give the data important to sort the reality from fiction about adhering to a good diet and pass that information on to their patients. Not exclusively should medical caretakers have the capacity to clarify the intricate details of a sound eating routine, they should likewise show others how its done




University of Vienna | Vienna University of TechnologyUniversität Innsbruck Johannes Kepler University Linz Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz | KU Leuven | Ghent University | Universite Catholique de Louvain Vrije Universiteit Brussel | Universite Libre de Bruxelles Ecole Normale Superieure | Ecole Polytechnique | Universite Pierre et Marie Curie | Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon | CentraleSupelec | Technische Universitat Miunchen | Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen|Heidelberg University | Karlsruher Institut Fur Technologie Humboldt-Universitat Zu Berlin Trinity College University College National University of Ireland|University College Cork|Dublin City University Politecnico di Milano University of Bologna Delft University of TechnologyUniversity of Amsterdam Lomonosov Moscow State University Saint-Petersburg State University | University of Barcelona Universidad Autonoma de Madrid | ETH Zurich Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne University of Zurich University of Cambridge University of Oxford National Technical University of Athens 
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43rd Annual Comprehensive Review of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  March 19-24, 2018  New York, NY, United States | 4th International Children’s Spine Symposium  March 23-24, 2018 Orlando, FL, United States |  12th Annual HSS Sports Medicine Symposium   March 23-24, 2018 New York, NY, United States | AOTrauma Course - Advanced Principles of Fracture Management (Kansas City, MO)  March 22-25, 2018  Kansas City, MO, United States | AOTrauma Course - Basic Principles of Fracture Management (Kansas City, MO)  March 22-25, 2018  Kansas City, MO, United States | Advanced Ultrasonography of the Spine March 24-25, 2018  Dallas, TX, United States |  20th Annual Hand Surgery Symposium March 24-26, 2018  Philadelphia, PA, United States |  Surgery and Rehabilitation of the Hand: Trending Topics in Hand to Shoulder Therapy  March 24-27, 2018 Philadelphia, PA, United States | 3rd Annual Principles and Techniques of Complex Spinal Reconstruction: A Hands-on Cadaveric Workshop  March 30-31, 2018  New York, NY, United States | Popular Solutions in Shoulder/Elbow Surgeries April 06-07, 2018  Rosemont, IL, United States |
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Dental & Dental Hygiene, March 26-27, 2018 Scotland | Naturopathy & Acupuncture, July 30-31, 2018 Netherlands | Traditional & Alternative Medicine, July 30-August 01, 2018 Netherlands | Lasers, Optics and Photonics, July 16-17, 2018 Czech Republic | Psychiatry, Psychology & Mental Health, August 06-07, 2018 Czech Republic | Sustainable & Renewable Energy, Aug 13-14, 2018 France | Gastroenterology, June 19-20, 2018 France | Microbiology and Virology, June 21-22, 2018 France | Advance Nursing Practice, June 21-22, 2018 France | Infectious Diseases and STD-AIDS, https://sportsfitnessexpo.euroscicon.comApril 26-27, 2018 Italy | Atomic & Plasma Science, July 16-17, 2018 Czech Republic | Nursing & Healthcare, July 23-24, 2018 Netherlands | Hepatology, August 9-10, 2018 Czech Republic | Materials Science and Engineering, August 23-25, 2018 Netherlands |Clinical Pathology , October 08-10, 2018 Netherlands | Nursing & Midwifery, September 10-11, 2018 France, 2018 Portugal | Liver & Pancreatic Diseases, Sep 6-7 , 2018 France | Orthopedics, Nov 29-30 , 2018 Netherlands | Analytics & Data Mining, October 01-02, 2018 Netherlands | Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Therapy, October 01-02, 2018 Sweden.


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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!


A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!